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Meetings, Wedding Rehearsals and Wedding Ceremonies, oh my!

Posted By Keira Brown  
13:18 PM

Hi Again! I am so humbled and amazed by the response to our first blog, thank you so much! And if you're a new reader, welcome :).

Since my last post Scott and I have met with four new couples, who have now booked Scott as both their Marriage Celebrant and MC, had a second meeting with a couple who are getting married on New Years' Eve (what a way to begin your life together - the first day waking up as husband and wife is also the first day of a new year!) and also had a wedding rehearsal, and wedding day. It was a beautiful wedding at Parklands Country Garden at Blackheath, the rain threatened all day, but the sun came out for the ceremony. Jimmy and Chloe are such a beautiful couple, and I'm so glad they were able to enjoy their ceremony outside in the garden as planned. The pic above is from Parklands, Jimmy and Chloe were getting pre-ceremony photos to take advantage of the weather before it bucketed down. 

In our process of getting to know our couples, we go through asking each of them what they do for work, their favourite movies and TV shows, and interests in general, and more often than not the couple have completely different areas of work. And then comes Scott's favourite part of getting to know a couple - Scott will ask "So, you work in this industry, and you work in that one, which have nothing in common - how on earth did you meet?" Usually there's a silence as they look at each other, shy smiles or grins, or one will turn to the other and say - "you tell it!" with a reply of "No, you tell it better." Everyone has a story. Their eyes locked across a crowded pub, they've met through a mutual friend or family member, through social media or dating sites, or they're high school sweethearts. And there's always that one thing, that moment that made each of them think, 'Hey, I like you.'

If it's possible, I love to include that moment in the wedding ceremony. Even though your friends and family might know the story, it's still nice to look back at that moment, and know, standing together in front of your loved ones, about to speak vows that declare your love for each other, that you made it. From that day to this, no matter what has been thrown in your way, you are still together. 

I think it might be my favourite part too.

Have you got a story of a first meeting youd like to share? Email me, I'd love to hear from you.




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I’m Scott Phillips, a registered Marriage Celebrant, professional Master of Ceremonies (MC) and dad to two gorgeous girls.
I’m really a dog person, but a 12-year-old cat named Morgan has somehow managed to turn me into one of her minions. 
We believe that every event, whether it is a wedding ceremony, wedding reception, a corporate function (even a Christmas party), a charity event, an expo or trade show, will be a Moment of Truth. A moment that will form memories, bonds and goodwill that will carry a lasting impression.
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I'm Keira Brown a.k.a. KJ and I’m a writer, cat lover, and new owner of a dog named Bear, who lives up to his name in size and looks, but he’s really cuddly. 

I used to be completely uninterested in marriage, weddings, relationships, anything to do with love really. Not because I'd had my heart broken, but because to me it just didn’t seem that important. Then I met Scott, and my life, my entire world changed. Everything was about weddings, because that's what he does. And gradually, as I fell deeper in love with Scott and started helping him with Master of Ceremonies Sydney, I finally got it. It's not about the marriage, or the reception, decorations or food, or even the ceremony - it's about two people declaring their love for each other before the entire world. An irrevocable promise to always be there for each other.
I quit my day job, and now help Scott run Master of Ceremonies Sydney full time. I get to merge my love of writing stories with my passion for writing an unforgettable ceremony. It’s been a hell of a ride. I can't wait to see what happens next!